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International Air Transport Association (IATA)
IATA is an international trade body, created some 60 years ago by a group of airlines. Today, IATA represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% of scheduled international air traffic. The organisation also represents, leads and serves the airline industry in general.
NZ Customs
The New Zealand Customs Service (Customs) is the government agency with the job of protecting the community from potential risks arising from international trade and travel, while facilitating the legitimate movement of people and goods across the border.
MAFBNZ Clearance Service is New Zealand's first line of defence against invasion by pests and diseases which could devastate the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors.
Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)
AQIS manages quarantine controls at our borders to minimise the risk of exotic pests and diseases entering the country. AQIS also provides import and export inspection and certification to help retain Australia’s highly favourable animal, plant and human health status and wide access to overseas export markets.
Australian Customs Service
Customs manages the security and integrity of Australia's borders. It works closely with other government and international agencies, in particular the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Department of Defence, to detect and deter unlawful movement of goods and people across the border.
Australian Government Export Information and Services for Businesses.
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry
The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s role is to develop and implement policies and programs that ensure Australia's agricultural, fisheries, food and forestry industries remain competitive, profitable and sustainable.
Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
The department's role is to advance the interests of Australia and Australians internationally. This involves working to strengthen Australia's security; enhancing Australia's prosperity; and helping Australian travellers and Australians overseas.
Australian Taxation
The Australian Taxation Office is the Government’s principal revenue collection.
Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local

Experimental Aircraft Links

Vans Aircraft
Lycoming Thunderbolt Engines
SAAA Website
The Sport Aircraft Association of Australia is a group of aviation enthusiasts assisting each other to build, maintain and operate sport aircraft.

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