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C & H Freight looking after your aircraft and aircraft parts
We first got involved about 18 years ago with a friend who was importing a kit from Van’s in the USA. We looked after the import for him and it has grown from there by word of mouth (plus a little help from the advertising too) to where we are today. This has now become a niche market for C & H Freight.

Quoting for kit aircraft
To provide a cost estimate for your aircraft shipping needs we need to know crate sizes and weights, as well as the location they are to be shipped from and their destination.

An important part of our service for you is to ensure the crates are constructed using timber that is accepted by Quarantine (DAFF) here or the crates may need to be fumigated to avoid inspections by Quarantine causing extra costs and wasted time. Aircraft engines, too, MUST be clean of all fuels and you need this listed by the supplier on all documentation. Dangerous goods, which the engines are classed as, are VERY costly to move if any fuels are in the engines.

Entire aircraft imports
Most aircraft that are purchased require disassembly and packing. You must know that the company that does this for you is experienced, reliable and reputable and that your ‘baby’ will arrive in good order. The majority will require a 40’ high cube container but some smaller aircraft you may be able to fit into a 20’ container. Speak to us about this - it's our business to make sure it is done properly.

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